Coins & Paper Currency

Coins & Paper Currency

Our experts have more than 40 years’ experience evaluating and pricing coins and coin collections. We can determine coins’ numismatic or collectible value above their precious metals content, taking into consideration rarity and condition.

The market for paper currency is a complex relationship of scarcity, condition, and demand. Large size United States currency is generally the most desirable today, while small size United States currency is generally common, though there are some rarities.

Gold, silver & platinum bullion, in its most familiar form, includes bars or rounds. We purchase these items at the current daily spot price on the commodity metals markets.

These are gold & silver bullion-type coins that we buy and sell regularly. With the meteoric rise over the past few years, we see many people either cashing in on what has been a very good investment (up to 500% to 700% profit over the last 10 to 20 years!), or purchasing hoping for comparable gains going forward. Along with this activity comes the question, “Should I sell or should I wait?” Read more

coins & paper currency