Costume Jewelry & Accessories

Costume jewelry & accessories often have value based on their quality, exceptional form or even the hallmark or maker’s signature. For example, pieces signed by Boucher, Hobe, Trifari or others are in demand. We also frequently purchase 19th- and early 20th-century:

We sold a 14K gold compact for a client for $1,600 at a live auction in 2007.

Click here to browse results from other items sold at our 2007 Property of Various Upstate NY Country Estates auction.


Art Deco Bakelite Hand Mirror: Costume jewelry & accessories Vintage Designer Weiss Rhinestone Brooch: Costume jewelry & accessoriesVintage Gold Compact: Costume jewelry & accessoriesAntique Whiting Davis Sterling Silver Enamel Mesh PurseVintage Large Bakelite Beaded Necklace